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Marketing Tips

Good, cost effective marketing is vital to the success of any business – you and yours included

How you present yourself and your business to potential clients is essential to the success of any business. Sadly it is an area where escorts, brothels and other sex industry businesses often fall way short of their mainstream competitors.

Here are some tips that will help you maximise your business:


Remember the old saying - don't put all your eggs in one basket
Do not make the mistake of advertising in one place only - that puts you at their mercy.
If you limit your promotional options you limit your business opportunities. This is an inescapable fact!

Smart shoppers (and yes, this includes your clients) shop around before buying.  No one has a monopoly on the services you offer and punters will look in multiple places until they find what they are looking for. If you only advertise in one place you risk missing a BIG CHUNK of the market and a LOT OF $$$.
You need to spread your advertising net as widely as possible. Widespread online coverage will reach more potential clients than listing your profile with just one website.


The internet is a HUGE place and you want to get your name out there as best you can so shop around (your clients do, you should too or you risk being ripped off). There are dozens of websites for you to advertise on, some free, some not, some reasonably priced and easy to use, others expensive and controlling or demanding.

No matter how big or small they are - they all have one thing in common – they want you as a CLIENT and remember the old saying “the client is always right”.



You have two main ways to present and promote yourself online:

Written Description:  Take the time to write an informative description about yourself, your physical attributes, your personality, your sexual likes and dislikes and your services and availability – this will really help attract clients.
Target your writing style at the type of clients you want. If you want low spenders then use street slang and txt speak, if you want blue collar and tradies, use working man’s language, if you want business people and professionals then use good grammar and spelling.

Pictures:  A picture really does say a thousand words. Nothing turns a potential client away quicker than poor photos. Make the time and effort to get good quality professional pictures to present you online. Good photos, good photos, good photos – we can’t stress the importance of these enough – having good photos is possibly the most important aspect to successful online advertising.


“Content is king” is a well known term in the sex industry.

If you WANT to do nude photos and/or videos MAKE SURE YOU GET PAID FOR THEM, if you let someone use them for free you are ripping yourself off!

Paid entry VIP Lounges, Members Lounges, Content Lounges, Galleries – call them what you want – THEY ARE THERE TO REVENUE FOR THE WEBSITE and not to advertise you so make sure you chose a website where you get a cut of the $$$ earned off your images.

If you don’t, congratulations you are now the world’s lowest paid pornstar!

If you want to have a strong online presence with maximum possible reach read on to see what we offer, contact us to get any queries or concerns answered or register with us now to create your own online profile and webpage.

  • No exclusive. Advertise where you want, when you want. We will even help you with introductions to other websites we feel are worthy of consideration.
  • You own your photos. Our policy on copyright is simple. Whoever pays for the shoot owns the photos and can do what they like with them.
  • Create multiple listings from one common account area.
  • When you create an account you are able to create a personal URL – effectively your own webpage – anyone typing that into their browser would be taken directly to your page. So you could put it on the bottom of say any newspaper adverts you run and thereby direct people to your advert.
  • Only pay for listings that are displayed – our unique ‘Suspend’ function allows you to Suspend any listing at any time and the remaining time available for that list stays available for when you reactivate the listing. No more continuing to pay for a listing even if the girl has gone on holiday etc.
  • We pay you a revenue share of 50% of earnings for any girls who chose to pose for our Members Lounge, otherwise known as www.nzxonline.co.nz


The Girl4U range of services includes:
  • Standard Listings
  • Featured Listings
  • Featured + Newspaper Listings
  • Banner Advertising
  • Professional Photography and Videography
  • Member’s only VIP Lounge

Remember, you are competing for the same $$$ as every other entertainment and recreational business in your area.

If you put reasonable effort into presenting your business to the right audience professionally, diligently and with flare you will reap the rewards with greater sales.